Workpackage description

The Workpackage focuses on collection and primary processing of experimental data for subsequent assess the influence of the geographical location, structure and history of the settlement on urban ecosystem services.


  • Organization and conduct of field research in regions
  • Primary preparation of soils and another substrates for analyses
  • Soil analyses (microbial, physical and chemical properties)
  • Maintenance of field-installed equipment and data collecting
  • Soil respiration measurements in field
  • Monitoring microclimate conditions
  • Ecological state of urban green spaces

Research area

The project includes comparative studies between Moscow and different-size cities located in other bioclimatic regions, from North to South:

  • Murmansk (Forest-Tundra; 300 thou people)
  • Apatity (North Taiga; 55 thou people)
  • Saint-Petersburg (South Taiga; 5 400 thou people)
  • Pushchino (Temperate Deciduous Forest; 21 thou people)
  • Kursk (Forest-Steppe; 450 thou people)