Workpackage description

The group aims to develop an automatic system for real-time monitoring of urban green infrastructures by using the internet of things (IoT) technologies. Currently, the group adapt and implement a new multifunctional device, the “TreeTalker©” (TT), for continuous monitoring of tree physiology, ecology and vertical stability. This device includes a set of sensors capable for high-frequency measurements of the tree water transport, trunk radial growth, vertical stability, spectral characteristics of the canopy (foliage quality), air temperature and humidity. Each tree with the installed TT transmits data using wireless network (LoRa, GPRS) on the WEB cloud allowing to real time observe the individual tree life by interested users from anywhere. More than 200 trees from various places of Moscow city were equipped with TT to establish a unique network of Smart urban trees. Since 2019, this network has been expanded to the territory of St. Petersburg (10 trees in Summer garden and Botanical garden).

The main applied tasks solved by the group

  • Distinguish parameters of normal or safe tree functioning across different species and ages considering diurnal and seasonal dynamics;
  • Detect plant stress at early stages;
  • Prevent risks resulting from breaking trees;
  • Predict response of urban forests state to climate change and different anthropogenic impact.