Smart Urban Nature Project

Smart technologies to monitor, model and evaluate ecosystem services provided by urban green infrastructure and soils to support decision making in sustainable city development under global changes.

  • Development of smart technologies for urban soils and green spaces monitoring
  • Modeling the influence of urban mesoclimate on the state of urban green infrastructure
  • Forecasting changes in urban ecosystem services for various climate scenarios
  • Use of interdisciplinary approaches to assess urban nature capital
  • Interpret the data to support decision-making by a wide range of users

The results of the research that we are conducting as part of the SUN project are published in articles

Projecting the urbanization effect on soil organic carbon stocks in polar and steppe areas of European Russia by remote sensing

Geoderma, Volume 399, 115039; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.geoderma.2021.115039
Y.A. Dvornikov, V.I. Vasenev, O.N. Romzaykina, V.E. Grigorieva, Y.A. Litvinov, S.N. Gorbov, A.V. Dolgikh, M.V. Korneykova, D.D. Gosse

Human Dimensions of Urban Blue and Green Infrastructure during a Pandemic. Case Study of Moscow (Russia) and Perth (Australia)

Sustainability 2021, 13(8), 4148; https://doi.org/10.3390/su13084148 
Diana Dushkova, Maria Ignatieva, Michael Hughes, Anastasia Konstantinova, Viacheslav Vasenev and Elvira Dovletyarova

Remediation of an urban garden with elevated levels of soil contamination

Science of The Total Environment, Volume 72220, June 2020, Article 137965
Anna A. Paltseva, Zhongqi Cheng, Sara Perl Egendorf, Peter M. Groffman

Assessing and mapping urban soils as geochemical barriers for contamination by heavy metal(loid)s in Moscow megapolis

Journal of Environmental Quality, 2020, DOI: 10.1002/jeq2.20142
Romzaykina, O.N., Vasenev, V.I., Paltseva, A., Kuzyakov, Y.V., Neaman, A., Dovletyarova, E.A.

New tree monitoring systems: from Industry 4.0 to Nature 4.0

Annals of Silvicultural Research 43 (2), 2019: 84-88
Riccardo Valentini, Luca Belelli Marchesini, Damiano Gianelle, Giovanna Sala, Alexey Yarovslavtsev, Viacheslav Vasenev, Simona Castaldi

Projecting urban heat island effect on the spatial-temporal variation of microbial respiration in urban soils of Moscow megalopolis

Science of The Total Environment, 2021, 147457; https://doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.147457
V. Vasenev, M. Varentsov, P. Konstantinov, O. Romzaykina, I. Kanareykina, Y. Dvornikov, V. Manukyana

IoT Monitoring of Urban Tree Ecosystem Services: Possibilities and Challenges

Forests 2020, 11(7), 775
Matasov, V.; Belelli Marchesini, L.; Yaroslavtsev, A.; Sala, G.; Fareeva, O.; Seregin, I.; Castaldi, S.; Vasenev, V.; Valentini, R.

Soil Microbial Respiration in Subtaiga and Forest-Steppe Ecosystems of European Russia: Field and Laboratory Approaches Eurasian Soil Science Remediation of an urban garden with elevated levels of soil contamination

Eurasian Soil Science, Volume 53, Issue 10, p.1492-1501
DOI: 10.1134/S106422932010004X
Ananyeva N.D., Sushko S.V., Ivashchenko K.V., Vasenev V.I.


Moscow - September 4, 2018: Zaryadye Park with the modern amphitheater in Moscow, Russia. Zaryadye is one of the main tourist attractions of Moscow.


Panorama of Murmansk Commercial Seaport




Saint Pet

Saint Petersburg



Aerial view of Rostov-on-Don and River Don. Russia