Maria Korneykova


  • +7 921 288 88 30
Maria Korneykova is a PhD (Biology). She has 15 years of experience in ecology of microorganisms, soil and air mycology, bioremediation in the Arctic and Subarctic areas. She is author of more than 100 scientific publications, participant of more than 80 conferences, of which 37 are international, 15 outside the Russian Federation. Organizer of All-Russian and international conferences, scientific schools, including field ones. She is scientific supervisor of bachelors, masters and PhD students and also associate professor, lecturer of scientific courses «Microbiology», «Basis of mycology», «Ecology of soil organisms».


  • Researcher at RUDN laboratory “Smart technologies for sustainable development of urban environment in the conditions of global change” (Moscow)
  • INEP KSC RAS, Head of Laboratory, Senior Researcher


  • identification of microscopic fungi according to cultural and morphological characteristics using light microscopy methods
  • basics of molecular genetic analysis (DNA extraction of microscopic fungi, PCR amplification, gel electrophoresis, etc.)
  • direct fluorescence microscopy method to determine microorganisms biomass and structure
  • methods of multisubstrate testing ECOLOG, MICRORESP to study functional diversity of microorganisms
  • methods of statistical analysis
  • maintaining a microorganisms collection (certificate of course completion "GBIF digitization of collections and publication of data"