Sofia Sushko

Junior Researcher

  • +7 (4967) 318135
Sofia a soil scientist and ecologist. Her research interests addresses carbon cycling of soils and terrestrial ecosystems including soil respiration, its microbial and root fluxes, and temperature sensitivity of microbial decomposition of soil organic matter. Her study emphasis is patterns of temporal and spatial variation of the processes in both natural and urban ecosystems.


  • Junior Researcher of RUDN laboratory “Smart technologies for sustainable development of urban environment in the conditions of global change” (Moscow)
  • Junior Researcher of Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Pushchino)


Field work: measurement of soil CO2 efflux by closed chamber method (static and dynamic); microbial and root respirations through soil CO2 efflux partitioning by substrate-induced respiration technique; analysis of vegetation (species identification, spatial structure).

Laboratory soil analysis: microbial biomass carbon content; basal respiration; organic carbon content; pH value; bulk density; texture; mobile forms and total content of heavy metals.

Data analysis and visualization using R: PCA analysis, correlation, simple and multiple regression, one-way ANOVA, Tukey’s HSD test, Student’s t-test and etc.