Marina Slukovskaya

WP5 Leader

  • +7 911 053 52 51
Marina Slukovskaya is a PhD (Biology). She has 10 years of experience in bioremediation of industrially polluted and degraded areas in the Arctic and Subarctic, geochemistry and plant ecology. She is author of more than 50 scientific publications, including 3 patents for inventions. Her scientific background includes the development, scientific justification and monitoring of soil design techniques in the urban and industrial territories using mining wastes, vermiculite and organic substrates, agrochemical and toxicological studies of ecosystems at the high level of technogenic load in industrial areas, including erosion-proof grass communities on the tailing dump and Technosols on industrial barrens in the Arctic and Subarctic. Also she focuses on the development of approaches of mining wastes’ recycling as soil amendments to improve soil conditions and functions.


  • Researcher of RUDN laboratory “Smart technologies for sustainable development of urban environment in the conditions of global change” (Moscow)
  • Senior Researcher in the Laboratory of Nature-inspired Technologies and Environmental Safety of the Arctic, Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity)
  • Senior Researcher of I.V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials, Kola Science Centre, Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity)


Field work. Field remediation experiments development and engineering of Technosols and grass communities using mining and industrial wastes, plant cover growing using hydroponic technologies, urban greening, physiological activity analysis.

Laboratory analysis. Heavy metal compounds analysis in soils and plant tissues, organic carbon analysis, pH and Eh analysis in soils.



2019-present Project of the Russian Science Foundation № 17-77-00077 “Analysis of the processes of primary soil formation to assess the effectiveness of remediation on serpentine geochemical barriers in the impact zones of copper-nickel enterprises in the Arctic zone” (head)
2019-present Project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 19-29-05187 “Carbon reserves in urban soils of different climatic zones of European Russia: formation factors and accumulation mechanisms” (participant)


Contract № 3079, 3091 et al. with “Norilsk Nickel Group”, JSC “Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company”: “Pilot-industrial tests of technology for cleaning water and soil objects contaminated with heavy metals using magnesian-silicate reagent” (participant).


Project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research № 16-35-60022 “Investigation of the behavior of heavy metals in artificial plant communities of the impact zone of copper-nickel enterprises in the Arctic and Subarctic regions” (head)