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SUNLab Research Seminar Reveals New Areas for Collaboration

SUNLab Research Seminar was held on March 4, 2020. Invited professors from Germany and the Netherlands spoke about their current research and areas of cooperation.

Jetse Stoorvogel, professor of Department of Soil Geography and Landscape at Wageningen University & Research introduced a methodology called S-World (Soils of the world). A Global Soil Map for Environmental Modelling provides access to global high resolution soil map properties that are available for environmental modeling.

Joint project S-Russia, initiated by prof. Sturvogel, in collaboration with the research team of the SUN project (WP2 Soils), aims to create a database of soil properties for Russia. According to Jetse Stoorvogel, for the future of S-Russia, additional soil profile data is needed, including other “local” data, such as land cover.

Michael Leuchner, Professor at Physical Geography and Climatology Institute of Geography (Aachen University) gave an overview of his past and current research activities and highlighted potential areas of collaboration.

The research areas of Professor Leuchner are very broad and extensive: from Climate-Vegetation Interaction to Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Pollution, from Ecohydrology to Micrometeorology and Urban Climatology and Climate Adaptation Concepts.

It should be noted that one of the SUN project teams (WP3 Urban Climate) also works with Urban Climate, conducting field measurements and analysis of the urban climate observational data, developing the urban climate and urban thermal comfort modelling strategies for variable goals.

Therefore, there are a number of potential joint projects that Michael Leuchner talked about:

The visit at RUDN has been very fruitful and is the start of collaboration on many levels in research and teaching. Common project proposals as well as exchange of students and researchers are being developed. The hospitality has been fantastic and I am very grateful for Prof. Vasenev’s invitation and the possibility to visit RUDN and all the interesting contacts within and outside his team. I am looking forward to the next months as our ideas will develop and materialize in projects.


The research seminar is a platform for discussing current issues and the results of empirical studies of all SUNLab projects.

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