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Strengthening Russian Italian cooperation: Italian Science Attaché visited Agrarian and Technological Institute

On Tuesday, March 30, 2021, Science Attaché of the Italian Embassy in Moscow, Mr. Enrico Brunioli visited Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University. He was invited by Elvira Dovletyarova, the Director of ATI, for an informal “welcome” breakfast. The meeting provided all participants with a chance to discuss relations between the Institute and Italian partner organizations in the spheres of science and education. In fact, both Mr. Brunioli and the ATI team primarily focused on the current state of relations and possible prospects of improving it.

As part of ATI team, the meeting was attended by Deputy Director for International Affairs Vladislav Plyushchikov, Deputy Director of the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems, Associate Professor Vyacheslav Vasenev, and Olga Gavrichkova, Research Fellow at the Center for Mathematical Modeling and Design of Sustainable Ecosystems.

During the meeting, ATI associates presented current educational programs and scientific projects of the Institute, requiring international cooperation. Thus, colleagues discussed the importance of the participation of Italian partner organizations, such as University of Tuscia, University of Parma, Scientific Center for Terrestrial Ecosystems, Mediterranean Scientific Center for Climate Change Research and so on.

Mr. Brunioli, according to his own impression, was quite delighted by the presentation and highly appreciated the educational and scientific potential of the Institute’s activity and fine involvement of its researchers. The Italian guest also mentioned that active and fruitful bilateral Russian-Italian partnership is of strategic importance for both countries.

Even though the meeting was held in an informal way, colleagues also managed to discuss some specific and topical issues of their cooperation. Among main agreements which were made that day is a provision of publicity for RUDN University from the Italian Embassy in Moscow, which includes placement and distribution of press releases and information letters about key University’s events, especially with the participation of Italian partner organizations. Besides that it was agreed to strengthen development of the scientific and educational potential of ATI, namely an initiation of negotiations with the University of Parma on establishing a double Master’s program “Food Quality”. And finally, colleagues made a decision to organize a round table “Russia-Italy” within an upcoming international conference “Food Quality Food Safety” in September 2021, with the participation of Italian Embassy in Moscow, Tuscia University, Scientific Center of Terrestrial Ecosystems, Mediterranean Scientific Center for Climate Change Research.

Another highlight of the meeting was a tour of Agrarian-Technological Institute organized especially for Mr. Brunioli. Holding his first degree in agronomy, he was nicely impressed by the scientific laboratory facilities and technologic equipment of the Institute. The delegation visited the Smart Urban Nature lab, Soil Ecological Laboratory, Center for Mathematical Modeling and Design of Sustainable Ecosystems and also Biotechnological Laboratory.

All in all, the event turned out to be a fruitful and memorable meeting. Moreover,  Mr. Enrico Brunioli and ATI team promised to each other to hold this kind of events on a regular basis, in particular in Italian Embassy in Moscow with Italian Ambassador in Russia, Mr. Pasquale Terracciano as the next host.

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