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Smart Urban Nature portal concept: in search of ideas and solutions

Last Saturday, the SUN Lab team held the first strategy session in the format of a team brainstorming session.

We discussed the concept of the Smart Urban Nature portal. This is a portal that will allow us to collect, analyze, deliver and present information about the state of urban ecosystems. Such a multifunctional open-access platform, in our opinion, will be a useful tool for different categories of users. During our session we tried to identifine these categories.

Thanks to the participation of our colleagues from the project Breathe.Moscow Vasily Khoroshilov, Ivan Kharlamov and Monica Mrazikova, we were able to learn about the existing experience in creating platforms for environmental projects, and collecting data using citizen science methods.

Despite the fact that it was an experimental format of the event, we succeeded in a lot. We have taken the first step towards creating our portal. We found possible directions for development and identified potential competitors and partners.

We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we hope that it will be as interesting and successful as our first strategic session.

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