Professor Yakov Kuzyakov was named Highly Cited Researcher

Yakov Kuzyakov, a well-known soil scientist, a leading scientist at the Agricultural and Technological Institute in RUDN University (Russia) and a professor at King Saud University (Saudi Arabia), was awarded the title of highly cited researcher in the field of agricultural sciences (by Clarivate™).

The Highly Cited Researchers list includes scientists with the highest number of articles in the top 1% cited Web of Science citation in a particular field in the past year. In the field of Agricultural Sciences, 111 researchers have been awarded this title. And Yakov Kuzyakov turned out to be the only one scientist from a Russian university.

Professor Kuzyakov is an outstanding scientist in the field of soil science, the results of his work are truly impressive – he is the author of more than 580 publications with more than 22,200 citations. In 2019, he published 71 articles, and the number of citations reached 3924. Annually, up to 20 works by Professor Kuzyakov are published in Q1 journals, which once again confirms their quality.

“You just have to write a lot, because without constant practice, as in sports, you will not be able to achieve the desired results. In a word, who trains a lot, he improves his skill and the quality of articles. The more you try, and in different directions, the broader your outlook on things becomes, and the articles become attractive to a wider circle of people and, therefore, more cited,” says Yakov Kuzyakov, a kind of life hack.

Speaking about the peculiarities of cooperation with other scientists, or teams of scientists when writing articles, the professor notes that working with colleagues on a joint article is an important aspect of the work, as well as a good opportunity to exchange experience and ideas.

Yakov Kuzyakov is a specialist in ecology and biogeochemistry of soils, rhizosphere, agriculture, land use, agroecology. His scientific group conducts research in all climatic zones from cold deserts to the tropics and in different types of ecosystems – agricultural, forest, mountain. Speaking about the peculiarities of cooperation with other scientists in the framework of multiple scientific projects in Germany, Russia, China, Chile, Italy, Indonesia, USA, Great Britain and Australia, the professor notes: “Working with colleagues on a joint article allows the use of different analytical methods, which makes the research more grounded, and also allows you to learn from each other and broaden your horizons. Collaboration and building a scientific network allows you to remain interesting for colleagues and be sure that they follow your scientific results and are most likely to read your article and cite it.”

Professor Kuzyakov takes an active part in the research of the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems. He is also a leading expert of the Smart Urban Nature laboratory and the main expert in the RSF project Smart Technologies for Monitoring and Evaluating an Ecosystem of Green Infrastructure and Soil Services to Support Decision Making in Sustainable Development cities against the background of global changes and a participant in the TAURUS project. Moreover, according to professor Kuzyakov, he is always glad to pass on his experience to young researchers acting as a scientific consultant for undergraduates and postgraduates of ATI RUDN.

Elvira Dovletyarova, Director of the Agrarian and Technological Institute in RUDN University, congratulated the professor on his new success: “We are very glad to congratulate our colleague on this acknowledgement of him as a successful, outstanding and highly cited scientist. And we are especially proud that Professor Kuzyakov managed to get into the Highly Cited Researchers list within his work with RUDN University. It is a great honor for our institute that Yacov Kuzyakov headed the ATI scientific school in the field of soil science and became an active mentor for the young generation of our scientists.”

We sincerely congratulate Yakov Kuzyakov and wish him new victories, scientific achievements and interesting projects.

The Highly Cited Researchers™ list from Clarivate™ identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers, during the last decade.



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