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President of the International Union of Soil Scientists (IUSS) Takeshi Kosaki visited SUNLab

On February 6, 2020, Takeshi Kosaki, President of the International Union of Soil Scientists (IUSS), professor at Aichi University (Japan) visited the Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University.

This is his second visit. In 2017, professor Kosaki in cooperation with the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems organized for the first time in Russia the SUITMA-9 Congress (Soils of Urban, Industrial, Traffic, Mining and Military Areas).

During his current visit, Professor Kasaki discussed the results of a three-year collaboration with the Director of the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems Elvira Dovletyarova and the Director of SUNLab Riccardo Valentini.

The scientist thanked collegues from the Department and the Laboratory for the active and high-quality development of urban soil science and noted that the materials of the Congress are still actively cited by many famous scientists.

It is worth noting that it was SUITMA-9 Congress that launched at RUDN University new areas of urban research and laid the foundation for the development of an interdisciplinary scientific school:

  • comprehensive development of the scientific base,
  • the creation of new laboratories – Smart technologies for sustainable development of the urban environment in the context of global change and the Soil and Ecological Laboratory,
  • the establishment of the 3MUGIS international summer school, cooperation with the University of Tushia (Italy),
  • the implementation of grants from russian and european Foundations.

Professor Kosaki also reviewed the results of ongoing research under a grant from the Russian Science Foundation. He noted the high pace of the research team and the quality of its scientific base.

In addition, a decision to continue the scientific cooperation with the International Union of Soil Scientists was made esspecialy in the framework of the 3MUGIS summer school, the upcoming Smart and Sustainable Cities conference, as well as to begin the cooperation of RUDN University with the Aichi University.

Professor Kosaki has also thanked the scientists for their active contribution to the development of research and the high-quality organization of specialized world-class events that increase the recognition and prestige of soil science.

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