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Landscape engineering and nature-based technologies

International Scientific Seminar of Smart Urban Nature research center

The Research center «Smart technologies for sustainable development of the urban environment in the global change» Agrarian and Technological Institute RUDN University organizes an international scientific seminar «Landscape engineering and nature-based technologies», which will be held on March 15, 2023. The event will take place online on the Microsoft Teams platform.

Nature–based technologies are a new innovative trend. Many experts have justified the relevance of the use of technologies inspires by nature in the organization of anthropogenic landscapes. During the seminar, experts and participants will discuss issues of modeling the flow of substances in urban soils, as well as designing rain gardens and other objects of blue-green infrastructure in urban landscapes.

Event program:

17.30 – 18.00

The use of rain gardens for the diversion and treatment of surface runoff from urban areas

Igor Shchuckin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate professor, Perm National Research Polytechnical University

18.00 – 18.30

Modeling of water and solute flows in layered soil constructions

Andrey Smagin, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor, Lomonosov Moscow State University

18.30 – 19.00

«Design and calculation of the efficiency of blue-green infrastructure for the diversion of surface runoff»

Yuri Kondratenko, PhD student, Riga Technical University


Organizer: Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Ecosystems, Smart Urban Nature research center, Agrarian and Technological Institute of RUDN University


Area: Science, Education, International cooperation

Subarea: Ecology and nature management

Format: Seminar

Type: International

Date: March 15, 2023

Location: Microsoft Teams

Contact person: Kozyreva Marina Mikhailovna,

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