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SUN Lab invites to the international conference “InterCarto. InterGIS 27. Geoinformation support of sustainable development of territories”

SUN Lab is among the organizers of the international conference “InterCarto. InterGIS 27. Geoinformation support of sustainable development of territories”. The conference will be held at Apatity (Murmansk region, Russia) and Nur-Sultan (Kazakhstan), August 21-27, 2021.

Download Information Letter (in English)

Download Information Letter (in Russian)

Conference organizers:
  • International Cartographic Association
  • International Academy of Sciences of Eurasia
  • Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems the Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Research Center for Medical and Biological Problems of Human Adaptation in the Arctic of the Kola Science Center of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Agrarian and Technological Institute of Peoples’ friendship university of Russia (RUDN)
  • Kola branch of the Russian Geographical Society
  • Lomonosov Moscow State University
  • Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Department of Earth Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Republican Public Association “QazaqGeography”, Kazakhstan
The main sections of InterCarto. InterGIS 27:
  1. GIS and cartographic support of environmental, economic and social aspects of sustainable development of territories
  2. GIS and cartographic support of scientific research in the Arctic
  3. Geoinformation support of navigation in high latitudes
  4. New technologies of space-time visualization
  5. Maps and GIS in public health research
  6. Geoinformatics and public participation in environmental protection and risk management
  7. Cartographic and geoinformation methods for natural heritage preserving
  8. Cartographic and geoinformation methods for solving problems of historical geography and cultural heritage preserving
  9. Geographic information support for the study of climate change
  10. Cartography for ecological and sustainable tourism
  11. Urban ecology and planning
  12. Ecology and restoration of anthropogenically disturbed territories (including
    bioremediation, reclamation and nature-based solutions)
  13. Landscape design and sustainable ecosystems
  14. Education problems
New section

Geoinformation and cartographic support for ocean research

Section Description: within the framework of the UN program “Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)” researchers studying the largest natural object on Earth, the World Ocean and its parts are invited to present at the conference. Topics for this session include: detailed bathymetry maps, spatial and temporal distribution of physical, chemical, biological, geological and geophysical characteristics of waters and sediment layers. In addition, we are accepting reports for participation in the section devoted to modern methods of ocean study: numerical modeling, remote sensing methods, as well as expeditionary research.

Workshops and round tables

Conference Organizing Committee invites applications for organizing the workshop and round tables within the thematic scope of InterCarto. InterGIS 27. They can provide a platform for discussion of a limited number of participants (no more than 25 people from the experts and specialists) in order to present and discuss the latest research results from scientific projects on the topic of the conference as well as knowledge exchange and creating of new partnerships and collaborations. Proposals for round tables and workshops with the preliminary number of participants should be sent to the Organizing Committee by 01.05.2021 by e-mail at

Registration for the conference is open: to register, please, use the link

Publications should be submitted at
Articles are accepted until 01.05.2021, to secure have discount, please make sure that you send publication by the Deadline 01.04.2021. No more than two articles are accepted from one author, in case of active participation in the review process – three articles.

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