Viacheslav Vasenev

Coordinator of the research center

  • +7 926 434 17 03
Viacheslav Vasenev was trained as soil scientist in Lomonosov Moscow State University (2008) and obtained Dr (PhD) degrees in Lomonosov Moscow State University (2011) and in Wageningen University (2015). His research interests have always been focused on urban ecosystems.

The main topics include, but are not limited to the following: urban soils’ quality and health; IoT technologies and remote sensing to monitor urban green infrastructure; urban farming; soil contamination and remediation; engineering artificial soil constructions; urban climate; social and economic metrics to evaluate ecosystem services provided by urban green infrastructure.

Viacheslav Vasenev coordinated 11 research projects as a project leader and was involved in 5 more projects as a principal investigator. Viacheslav

Vasenev has an 8 year teaching experience including: developing and teaching courses for diverse international audience of bachelors, masters and PhD students (8 on-campus and 3 on-line courses in English); supervising diplomas and thesis (more than 20 thesis in English); organization of field research practices and summer schools, including an annual international field summer school 3MUGIS “Anthropogenic soils and landscapes: from Sea to Sea” – the first summer school involving a comprehensive analysis of soils and green infrastructure by express and integral assessment techniques in a wide range of bioclimatic conditions from subarctic to subtropics; developing and coordinating two double-diploma programs for masters and PhD students with Tuscia University (Italy) (both in English); developing and coordinating programs for educational mobilities, funded by Russian and EU projects.


  • Coordinator of the research center “Smart technologies for sustainable development of urban environment in the conditions of global change”, RUDN University
  • Associate professor at the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Development, RUDN University
  • Vice-director on research and international relationships of the Department of Landscape Design and Sustainable Development, RUDN University


Field work. Soil survey, field soil analysis and description, monitoring greenhouses gases, soil temperature and moisture regimes in suit, tree survey and visual tree assessment, implementation of express methods to monitor soil quality

Laboratory analysis. Soil carbon stocks, soil microbial activity, hydrophysical properties of soils and soil constructions

Data analysis and software. Expertise in statistics and geostatistics in Statistica, SPSS and R software. GIS analysis and spatial modeling in ArcGIS and QGIS software.



2018- present     Land Degradation and Development Journal
2017- present     Journal of Soils and Sediments (guest editor)
2017- present     Soil Science (guest editor)


On-going projects
2019-2022 Smart technologies for monitoring, modeling and assessment of ecosystem services provided by green infrastructure and soils to support decision-making for sustainable urban development under global changes (principal investigator)
2019-2022 Testing new technologies for monitoring natural and anthropogenic ecosystems and their components (project leader)
2018-2020 Analyzing capacities of the advanced monitoring techniques to control green stands’ condition (project leader)
2019-2021 Carbon stocks of urban soils in different climatic zones of European Russia: formation factors and accumulation mechanisms (project leader)
2018-2020 Modeling and assessment of dynamics in С stocks and greenhouse gases emissions in soils of Moscow megapolis affected by urban heat island and other meso- and microclimatic anomalies (project leader)
2017-2020 Analysis and modelling sustainable soil constructions for urban greenery (project leader)
2018-2020 Spatial analysis and projecting desertification effect on soil functions in Hungry Steppe (Sir-Dariinskii district of Uzbekistan) (project leader)