Olga Gavrichkova


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Graduated in 2005 in biological sciences in Krasnojarsk State University (Russian Federation) with the thesis centered on the assessment of the carbon balance of natural steppes in northern Hakassia in different stages of succession in the frame of EU TCOS-Siberia project under a supervision of Italian and Russian researchers. During the PhD course in the University of Tuscia (Viterbo, Italy) studied processes and factors controlling the emissions of GHG in in herbaceous ecosystems, interaction between C and N cycles and management regimes (2005-2008). In that period was involved in international projects belonging to FP6 and FP7 (CARBOEUROPE, CARBOITALY, CARBOAFRICA), established personal collaborations with the research groups in Germany (Prof. Kuzyakov, University of Bayreuth) and Italy (Prof. Cotrufo, Univeristy of Naples, Prof. Moscatelli, University of Tuscia) to study soil-related processes, participated to the research campaigns in South Africa, Germany, Italy, Russia.

During the postdoctoral career interested mainly in the evaluation of the mechanisms behind aboveground-belowground coupling of the C cycle in herbaceous, shrub and forest ecosystems, studied the effects of the changing climate (warming, variation of hydrological regime, extreme events) on C turnover in plant-soil systems adapted to different climatic conditions (arctic, subarctic, boreal, temporal, mediterranean). Participated in numerous national and international projects, having also a leading role in the realization of the working packages. Obtained two grants to conduct an independent research from the European Commission (Marie Curie COFUND in 2011) and from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD in 2009). Obtained several short-term exchange grants to conduct a research in Germany (Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, Jena and University of Gottingen, Gottingen), Norway (SIOS, Ny-Alesund, Dirigibile Italia) and Russia (Moscow, Peoples University of Friendship). Scientific responsible of Brocon eddy covariance site (grazed alpine grassland).

Author of 21 scientific contributions in high-impact journals, (Citations 777 according to SCOPUS, H- index 10; mean IF 3.7).


  • Researcher in Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems, National Research Council, Porano, Italy
  • Visiting Researcher in Peoples Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Moscow, Russian Federation


  • Gas exchange on multiple scales from leaf to ecosystem
  • Soil and plant biochemical characterization, compound specific analyses
  • Isotopic tracing



2019 – ongoing   SIOS 2019 RiS-ID 11440Effects of big herbivores on the functioning of decomposers and primary producers in High Arctic tundra”, grant holder

2019 – ongoing   Project of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research N.19-05-50112 “Biogenic characteristics of microparticles in big cities: structure of microbial community, pathogenicity and driving factors”, grant holder

2019 – ongoing   Project of the Russian Science Foundation N. 19-77-30012 “Smart technologies for monitoring, modeling and evaluating ecosystem services of green infrastructure and soils to support decision-making in the field of sustainable urban development under global changes”

2017 – ongoing   Project of the Russian Science Foundation N. 17-77-20046Modeling and developing technologies to support sustainable functioning of soil constructions in megapolises”, participant