Anastasia Konstantinova

WP7 Leader

  • +7 926 263 72 89
I am a sociologist. I was trained in RUDN University and obtained PhD degree in Sociology in 2017. My research interests have always been focused on Education, Strategies of Universities and their role in the development of Education, Science and Society. But last year I decided to turn over my scientific career and was engaged in Urban Studies. Today I'm occupied in sociological assessment of urban ecosystem services at different scales and for different stakeholders’ categories.


  • Researcher at RUDN laboratory “Smart technologies for sustainable development of urban environment in the conditions of global change” (Moscow)
  • Specialist at the Federal State Autonomous Scientific Institution Center for Sociological Research («Sociocenter»), Moscow Russian Federation.


Sociology of Management, Sociology of Education, Sociology of race and ethnic relations, Education, Ecosystem Services

  • Data analysis software – Expertise in Statistica, SPSS.
  • Image and graphics editor software – Expertise in Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign.
  • Collect and systematize empirical sociological information;
  • Cross-cultural communication skills;
  • Social design skills;
  • Experience of independent research and analytical activities.